About Us

JO+CO is a one-stop shop for the busy, yet fashion-loving woman on-the-go who craves comfort, practicality, and affordable clothing.  Re-branded in 2018 from Single Thread Boutique, JO+CO is a shop that caters to not only busy mom's but the working woman, Pinterest-loving, and chic and always comfortable fashionista.

When I sought out the building of the new brand, I came up with name JO+CO because "JO" is my middle name, and a name that has been passed down from great-grandmother to grandmother to granddaughter and now, my daughter.  I wanted a name that not only connected our customers to our brand, but also gave meaning and purpose to who I am.  

JO+CO was built for women who don’t want to second-guess their outfit choice before they walk out the door because life happens.  You’re running late for work, you still want to go past Starbucks, your kid is crying, you have to drop them off at daycare, and make it to your morning meeting...WHATEVER your reason is, JO+CO makes shopping for yourself and looking put together easy and headache free.  You’ll find practical, stylish, quality-driven and versatile styles here that are affordable.

Our pieces are easy to layer, style, and mainly comfortable.  So comfortable that you won’t want to change out of them to sit down with that glass (or two) of wine when you get home.  We take the hassle out of shopping and provide you with the best customer service because without you, we wouldn’t be here and get to do what we love.  Whatever you need, we’re here and we appreciate you supporting our passion and dream! 

Need assistance?  Shoot us an e-mail to help@shopandco.com or call us at 1-812-746-2170.

Meet Sara


I didn’t know I would always own my own business….in fact, I thought I would always be working in the hustle and bustle of the NYC fashion industry.  That was my dream…but it quickly drained the life out of me.


At the age of 24, I decided I was done working for companies who didn’t appreciate my work ethic, the 50+ hours a week I gave to them, and the fact they told me to stop working so hard to get ahead so quickly.  So, I took a second job bartending in NYC, where I was quite possibly the worst bartender ever.  Really...never ask me to make you a drink unless it's opening a beer or pouring you a glass of wine, I'm a horrible bartender.  I hustled and bustled any side jobs I could get, and saved up the cash to open my first store, Single Thread Boutique.


Today, I’m a wife to my favorite person in the world, Nathan, a momma to two amazing kids, Emmett and Josephine aka "Jo", and a dog mom to Chloe, our rescue pup.  You’ll probably find me sipping on a glass of cabernet or a coconut milk latte, talking passionately about what I do and being real about how imperfectly funny and messy my life can be.  


When I sat down and had a real talk (you talk to yourself right?!) about this business and what I felt like was missing for our customers and what I was passionate about, the idea of JO+CO was born and my business & brand transformed into something so beautiful, and what it is today.