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    Spontaneous and feminine, mini dresses are always exciting to wear. At JO+CO, we only stock options that are comfy and activity-friendly so that you can wear this lovable look even when you’re busy (or sporting a baby bump!).

    Casual and Dressy Styles

    Some mini dresses are alluring and flirty, while others are totally low-key and casual. In order to cover all your needs, we carry both styles. For errands: throw on a shift dress or button up option and get your hair out of the way with a ponytail hat. For date night: choose a mini with ruffles or a bow and let your hair down. Lots of our dresses have pockets, too, so feel free to leave your purse at home next time you go out for just a ‘sec.

    Shop JO+CO Boutique Mini Dresses

    One of the many perks of being a grown-up is that you’re the only one who dictates your skirt length. Go ahead and show some leg, or don’t: lots of our minis go great with comfy, stretchy leggings. Treat yourself to a fashion fun-day in one of our many styles of chic mini dresses!